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RollMaster MeasureSquare Commercial

Learn the basic concepts of RollMaster MeasureSquare Commercial software with our hands-on online training course. You will complete a small project with full workflow at class, learn about the product database, settings, and best practices. Our skilled trainers will guide you through making a smooth transition from other commercial takeoff software. More advanced techniques include pattern repeat matching, seam manipulation, waste optimizations, tile patterns and design, wall design, and more!

Get Prepared

Here’s a short checklist to review before you begin classes.

  1. Download the program and install it on your PC.
  2. Register and Activate: Run the program, and at prompt, click Sign Up Trial to register MeasureSquare ID with your email. If needed, watch this video for instructions on registering and activating the program.
  3. Download user guide PDF for your reference.
  4. Preview the Video Tutorials below.
  5. Explore the software. Start with a small project, and focus on understanding the concepts and workflow demonstrated in those video tutorials. Feel free to use sample project from training materials or your real projects.
  6. Download the Training Agenda and Sample Project PDF’s.
  7. Reach out to our support team.

Video Tutorials of Workflow Steps

7 Videos of 34 minutes total of instruction.


Product Schedule

Room Draw

Product Assignment

Seams and Estimation


Report Generation

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