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Floor Covering Business to Business (B2B) Association

What is B2B?

floor covering business to business
Simply stated, B2B is a common standard for exchanging electronic business documents among trading partners. This will become increasingly more important to you, the floor covering dealer.

B2B defines detailed technical specifications for a standard method that flooring industry buyers and vendors can use to electronically exchange transaction documents between their systems. By using this capability, the trading partners would be able to automate several people intensive tasks, thereby reducing costs and errors.Consider first your price catalog. How many man hours does your company spend each month updating catalogs delivered to your front door? And from the suppliers’ standpoint, consider that, for each price increase engendered by the increasing cost of fuel during recent years, a major carpet mill printed 12 million pages. Add to this the handling and postage expense.The carpet mills spearheaded flooring B2B. You can expect it to become more expensive for you, the retailer, to do business with paper in this industry.

RollMaster has been very active with B2B and sits on several industry committees responsible for drafting B2B standards and industry-wide implementation strategies.(See the industry web site:(

In addition to the price catalog, other industry processes falling under the B2B umbrella are the purchase order, purchase order acknowledgment, invoice and ship notice.

What is different about RollMaster B2B?

There are two basic differences:

  1. The RollMaster B2B system is fully automated.
  2. The integrated nature of RollMaster Software permits a fail-safe system – a system with backups to identify and correct B2B errors promptly and efficiently.

How is RollMaster B2B automatic?

Consider how RollMaster B2B functions, from the standpoint of you, the flooring retailer:

The major carpet mills issue periodic B2B electronic catalogs/price lists. With RollMaster B2B, these catalogs are automatically downloaded and integrated to your RollMaster system. In other words, you do nothing.

There is no need for you to adjust your catalog. Your various other variables dependent upon the catalong (e.g., your costs, your margins) are automatically adjusted. Significantly, however, you are notified of any changes to your pre-existing price list. You are then offered the option to accept or reject any changes. The RollMaster systems keeps a historical record of all pricing changes.

How is RollMaster B2B fail-safe?

RollMaster is the industry leader in integrated, end-to-end systems. By “integrated” we mean that the various modules comprising the software work with each other, thus avoiding the need for double entry. For example, a sale or receipt of inventory automatically adjusts all accounts relating to the particular transaction.

It is this integrated feature of RollMaster that provides the fail-safe protections. Consider the following example of this:Your supplier has issued to you his electronic B2B catalog. You execute electronically a purchase order for an item appearing in the catalog. You then receive an electronic purchase order acknowledgment setting forth a price inconsistent with your price catalog. RollMaster B2B immediately identifies this discrepancy and notifies you of the error.