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Our latest news and my blog can be found at The RollMaster Cloud (see: The RMCloud, (formerly known as NetFloor) is our core system from order entry to accounting. This is our “hosted system”. This means it is Cloud based and you can access it from anywhere. This also means that you do […]

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What makes the RollMaster Cloud Better than Your in House Server?

The RM-Cloud Architecture: Two (East & West Coast) broadband internet 100MB CLEC quality pipes with auto failover/switching DNS Two roof top mounted, 100KW generators (one powered by natural gas the other fed from a 500G propane tank with auto failover/switching. The roof tops are atop the third floor; no potential for localized tree damage or […]

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Why Consider RollMaster Cloud Computing for your Flooring Business?

Why Consider RollMaster Cloud Computing for your Flooring Business? 1. Reduced costs: RollMaster Cloud computing reduces your hardware (computers, software all those downloaded programs), networking management and overall IT expenses. In addition, with RollMaster Cloud computing, your software is always current and you only pay for what you need and use. 2. Scalability: You can […]

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Flooring Business Technology Challenges

The RollMaster Cloud delivers technology for Flooring business management at the lowest possible cost.

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Advantages of the RollMaster Flooring Software Cloud:

The RM-Cloud simplifies IT for the busy flooring enterprise; it routinely maintains current and relevant business process technology while eliminating the complex tasks of owning, replacing, updating, managing local and remote server hardware, licenses, updates, LAN and WAN issues. The RM-Cloud delivers a convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources, […]

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Compelling RollMaster Cloud Elements for Consideration

The RollMaster Vertical Cloud RollMaster Cloud computing is disruptive innovation which enables a fundamental shift from the capital expense to an operating expense model. It separates application and information resources from the underlying infrastructure, and the mechanisms used to deliver them.  The RollMaster Cloud delivers specialized functions and options that meet flooring industry-best use practices […]

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The RollMaster Cloud: Managing the Changing Needs for Flooring Business Applications

The RollMaster Cloud: Managing the Changing Needs for Flooring Business Applications In today’s challenging economy, flooring companies are eager to minimize the cost of running business-critical applications. At the same time, they need a robust platform and continual software development, updates, support and documentation. The ever changing business environment demands constant changes in transaction reporting, […]

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The RollMaster Cloud Solution Shifts the TCO Discussion

The current housing market creates difficult economic conditions for Flooring Dealers and Distributors and makes a compelling argument in support of the RollMaster Cloud. Just like other industries, flooring enterprises need business solutions that help them to manage day-to-day operations and processes more efficiently. At the same time, they want insight and intelligence to successfully […]

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RollMaster In The Cloud Delivers Results

Measurable business results. that’s what drives companies to partner with RollMaster Software. Each customer has a unique story to tell about their path to success. Flooring business clients, large to small and from around North America, benefit from the RollMaster Cloud processes ability to produce positive results. Delivering actionable information, formalizing processes, controlling margins is […]

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Consider the benefits of the RollMaster Cloud.

No matter where you are in the flooring software adoption cycle, RollMaster has the people, processes, and proven track record to make a real difference and help you take a direct route to using superior business management software in the cloud. With RollMaster as your partner, you’ll be on your way to reaping the benefits […]

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Ideas on Selecting Business Software for a Flooring Business

The flooring industry has an excellent group of dedicated software developers, all of whom are competent, honest and truly devoted to the flooring industry. I believe that it is important to move away from any software that is not designed specifically to meet the needs of our industry; you should find a company who understands […]

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Today’s Landscape for Web Threats – It may be helpful to remember these methods

Here are just a few of the techniques cybercriminals commonly use to distribute malware on the web: Blackhat search engine optimization (SEO) ranks malware pages highly in search results. Social engineered click-jacking tricks users into clicking on innocent-looking webpages. Spearphishing sites mimic legitimate institutions, such as banks, in an attempt to steal account login credentials. Malvertising […]

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