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E-Docs – Electronic Document Attach

Attach Documents, Images, and Other Files, to RollMaster Records

E-Docs is multi-faceted—in short, it allows you to attach electronic files to various places in RollMaster.

For example, the # 1 use for a property management, retail or contract dealer is to attach a diagram to the template and then print it out with the work order with just a couple of extra clicks.

Below is a list of places you can attach files and the typical documents that dealers attach.  No one attaches everything listed below, but various businesses do use E-Docs for each of the various functions listed below.

You can attach any file type, (i.e. Word, Excel, JPEG, PDF, etc.).  If it is a hard copy or hand written, you simply scan it;  if the document or item it is already in a digital format, you simply attach it where appropriate.

RollMaster has permission-based “user controls” that restrict access to employees whom management designates. This can control access and prevent unauthorized people from deleting or viewing confidential items.

These images/documents can be:

1. Tied to Customer ID

  •  a. Credit Apps
  • b. Lien waivers
  • c. Installer paperwork

2. Tied to AP

  • a. AP bills
  • b. Expense reports

3. Tied to Templates

  • a. Diagrams
  • b. Maps to job

4. Tied to Work Order

  • a. Anything that was tied to template (automatically caries over)
  • b. Signed copies
  • c. Photos
  • d. Anything you would put into a “job folder”

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