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B2B Master

Flooring Industry B2BA RollMaster Enhancement for your RM server



Flooring Industry B2B Functionality

Level the playing field by delivering integrated functionality delivered automatically to your RollMaster or RMCloud account.  Click here to see our current list of B2B trading partners!

Your personalized B2B data will be delivered for your review automatically.  The data includes vendor catalog information, pricing, drop notices, sales, advance shipment notices, accounts payable invoices etc.  This data can be reviewed, accepted, modified or rejected at your discretion. Approved data is integrated into your RollMaster data system, automatically.

Once enrolled, you will receive your company’s personalized B2B data from ALL participating Flooring Industry B2B vendors.

Instant B2B!

  • Maintain your product catalog.
  • Maintain your product pricing.
  • Exchange purchase orders.
  • Update your PO’s with vendor acknowledgement details.
  • Advance ship notices
  • Receive inventory
  • Receive your AP vendor invoices and have them post
    to your general ledger automatically

You Should be Participating in the Flooring Industry B2B Processes Now!

Click here to get started today!

Addition of RollMaster B2B Exchange should be considered and can be added to your account with one email or phone call.  For an additional setup fee, we will setup your vendor accounts and provide orientation training on using the system.  You can add this feature without interrupting or changing your current business processes.

B2B Makes Sense!

Your suppliers expect you to run an efficient, profitable business. The longer you wait to begin trading with your vendors electronically, the more unprofessional you appear. Your suppliers know that a profitable relationship starts with an efficient and productive customer. The ability to trade electronically is an indicator of your professionalism and viability. The B2BExchange enables you to START TODAY.


B2B is a flooring industry process for electronically exchanging business transaction documents between buyers and vendors across the Internet.


It saves money by saving time, improving accuracy, controlling cost and minimizing transaction errors. How much time does your company spend opening the mail and updating price lists and pricing your showroom?. How many times have you lost money because you used the wrong cost or guessed at the cost of a new product? How often do you need to know the status of your outstanding orders, how much time do you spend checking acknowledgements, invoices and looking for shipping information?


The B2BExchange creates a connection between you and your suppliers so that your system and theirs can exchange data that you and they understand. All you need is broadband Internet access and a vendor account; we do the rest.


  1. Click here to get started today!
  2. Email Us or call 800-777-4107, option 3.
    We will contact you to setup your B2B Exchange account and arrange a short net training session.
  3. Your subscription for our FCB2B services will deliver all of your participating flooring industry B2B vendors!
  4. Start using your exchange account to your benefit and save.