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Document Scanning

RollMaster E-Doc’s.

Floor Covering Business Document Scanning and Retrieval

In the flooring industry, the management of documents and drawings can be very costly and time-consuming. In addition to storage, quick access and retrieval of these papers is critical. By image processing your files with RollMaster or RMCloud (formerly NetFloor), documents instantly become available directly from the RollMaster database record that relates to the particular document.


  • Provides for rapid and easy access to documents and drawings by using the RollMaster database to locate documents
  • Enables multiple users to simultaneously access documents from multiple sites
  • Increases productivity of employees who access documents and records by eliminating the time-consuming tasks of locating, retrieving and re-filing documents
  • With multi-location environments connected to the main office, once a document or drawing is scanned, the entire company has immediate access to the document
  • Since electronic databases do not deteriorate over time like paper or microfilm/microfiche, it is a more reliable storage method

With RollMaster document scanning, you will be able to access, retrieve and route information faster and with greater effectiveness than ever before.