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What is FloorMaster?

FloorMaster is an Internet-based RollMaster Software estimating product. It is available as a product integrated with your RollMaster System or as a free-standing product.

Why is Internet-based better?

  • Use FloorMaster from any Internet connection. All you need is a PC and access to the Internet.
  • Close jobs faster – because you use FloorMaster from your customer’s home, the plan room, your office, your home, the airport, the hotel — anywhere you have Internet access.
  • Avoid duplicate effort and multiple trips back to your office to use server-based software.
  • No downloads, no installation, no upgrade issues, no backups, no tedious tasks normally associated with installing and using a software package.

If you are using estimating software, you need to see FloorMaster. The need for accurate and fast job estimating is obvious. The need for Internet-based estimating is more obvious. When you see FloorMaster, you will agree that traditional server-based estimating just doesn’t make sense anymore.

FloorMaster is a powerful tool that is intuitive and easy to use. Online help guides you through every job process. The learning curve is short, so you have the option to draw, manipulate, schedule and close jobs soon.

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Key Benefits:

  • FloorMaster is an interactive tool connecting the customer to the salesperson. The first step is the interview prior to measurement. The salesman assigns rooms to the job, picks products and sets up the measuring appointment.
  • FloorMaster is the most powerful measuring tool available. Using a tablet PC from any Internet connection, your salesperson at the site draws the job with a mouse or he uses a template of common shapes, collecting all pertinent information about the job. Angled walls are no problem. Easily make stair measurements and calculations. Use the simple “click and drag” feature to process doors, openings and stairs.
  • FloorMaster is a “closing tool” that calculates the total cost of the job by developing workable seam plans and assigning appropriate supporting materials to the quote. You alter seam plans at will to show the customer alternative pricing/installation scenarios. This produces installation instructions for the installer and better communication with the customer and installer.
  • FloorMaster provides a superior printed package for your installer. This package includes a complete assembled floor plan for each part of the job. The plan illustrates the location of each seam and identifies each numbered transition. The cut sheet shows each cut piece and corresponds with the cut ID shown on the floor plan. The installer receives relevant job information (e.g., services, supplies, sub floors, transitions, moisture) and a site evaluation (e.g., access or on-site animal issues).
  • FloorMaster is also a scheduling tool for optimizing appointments for measuring and installation. Identify customers by zip code and maximize productivity by grouping jobs. Coordinate the schedules of your measuring and installation partners. Internet communication permits the estimator to save time by travelling directly from his home to job sites each morning.

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Recommended Hardware

Stylistic ST5000D Tablet PC


  • Ultra Low Voltage Intel® Pentium® M Processor 1.0 GHz
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition
  • Choice of 12.1″ XGA Indoor or 10.4″ Indoor/Outdoor viewable display
  • Optional Atheros 802.11a+b/g wireless LAN
  • Microsoft® Office OneNote™ 2003

Leasing options are available.