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Remote Backup / Disaster Recovery Services

Backing up your data is important; being able to restore and operate quickly is MOST important.

The best practice is to hope for the best, but plan for the worst!

What would you do if your server hardware suffered severe damage? You say that your data is backed up everyday, but how long would you be unable to use your information? How long would it be before you could operate your business with current information and the operational controls that you need? If you are extremely lucky, you may be able to replace your hardware and network engineering within a week or so – is this acceptable?

If not, we have the solution! Don’t Go it Alone!

Internet Backup & Recovery.

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Our software makes a copy of your data every night. This data is securely transferred to one of our servers. If you lose your server hardware, we will make your software and data available over the Internet – you will be backup and running in a matter of hours!

Our Price for this piece of mind: $4.93 per day.

Don’t risk it; click here to sign up today! Download and print this signup form and fax it to 1-888-277-7969. Upon receipt, we will setup your server for remote backup and disaster recovery.

For additional information, please call 800-777-4107 or email