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RM Web Calendar


The newest addition to RollMaster’s ongoing growth is the RM Web Calendar.  This add-on feature steps up the entire game of interactive information and integrated work processes between office, field, and customer.  Whether you’re in front of a computer, or on your smart phone or other mobile wireless devices, the RM Web Calendar allows you to stay in touch with your job schedule, while providing seamless information to your staff/installers in the field.  This not only makes it efficient and informative, but FUN to be so interactively involved.  Here’s some highlights:

  • 24/7 Access – Installers, Salespeople, Field Supervisors, and support staff can view jobs from anywhere, at any time, using any internet connected device
  • Based on permissions, anyone can view electronic documents (E-Docs), which include photos, diagrams, job notes, etc., from out in the field, and then also upload photos, Contractor Invoices, etc., from wherever they are
  • The Signature Capture feature allows a customer to sign off on completed jobs
  • Subcontractors can provide electronic job documents (i.e., bids, proposals, invoices, etc.) from their legal independent installation entity, which may clarify the independent subcontractor relationship between the parties

Individual job viewed from a smart phone:

RollMaster-Apple-iPhone Job detail

Signature Capture feature:



The layout of the application is clean, slick, and easy to maneuver within.  From the main application window, jobs can be viewed by the Week, Month, Day, Installation Type, or Installer.  A Weekly view is featured below, with color coded installation types:

Call or email to schedule a live demonstration to learn the full extent of what you can accomplish with the RM  Web Calendar.   RM Web Cal Installation Schedler view