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RollMaster – Wholesale

Floor Covering Software for the Wholesale Industry

RMWholesale provides valuable real-time management information. The result is positive management control over key business information.

RMWholesale is designed to maximize profitability while minimizing the manpower needed to effectively analyze your business data.

RMWholesale has about 700 industry-specific, interactive processes. Just a few of the accessory distributor, floor covering specific functions are:

  • Track and manage inventory items and history by lot/control/manufacturing batch/roll number/dye lot/location and unique cost and by warehouse.
  • Tracks inventory by carton and by carton contents, i.e. 120 lf of 4″ base contains 30 4’ lengths of base, cartons of tap down metal may contain 1200 ft in 100 12′ sections, etc. These details are clearly stated for your warehouse and your customer.
  • For order entry offers the best inventory item for the need, prices the product based on your customers special pricing, displays add-on products that your customer should consider (i.e. a specific seam sealer or adhesive, underlayment board etc), shows the anticipated arrival dates and suggests alternative products when out of stock conditions occur, logs lost sales and in general feeds pertinent sales, product, customer and inventory information to your order desk, efficiently and accurately.
  • For roll goods, performs a conversion for specific widths and units of sale so that the warehouse can process orders in LF, but you can bill by square yard.
  • offers full support for the industry’s B2B effort
  • offers industry-specific barcode functionality.
  • offers industry-specific claims tracking by vendor by product by customer.
  • manages industry-specific rebate tracking by vendor/supplier.
  • provides extensive sales analysis including sales by customer, by product, by vendor, by manufacturer, by style, by color, by product type, by territory, by zip code plus many more defined categories.
  • provides positive control and integration of the inventory control and purchasing functions.
  • provides real-time order processing and warehouse management functionality.
  • provides real-time cash management and payment processing functionality.

Why are we different?

We at RollMaster got our start in wholesale floor covering software, because we used to be a flooring distributor. This was over 30 years ago.

If you have looked at flooring-specific software for your wholesale company, you know who our competition is. You know they require IBM AS400 software/hardware packages.

The approach of our competition differs significantly from our RollMaster philosophy. We have rejected the AS400 server environment. Reliance on the AS400 renders the software user dependent on multiple sources (and therefore multiple expense) for support. Our objective is to be platform-independent, i.e., free of expensive hardware and operating system restraints.

You should consider the basic cost of hardware and hardware maintenance associated with our competitors’ AS400 packages. In the 70’s and 80’s, when we were in the wholesale distribution business, we resented the fact that we were tied to NCR and their support. Their constant objective was to encourage us to upgrade hardware, and when we refused, they continually raised the cost of hardware and software support, always threatening to discontinue support if we did not move. In those days, the NCR server cost 150K and the support evolved to 40K annually before we began developing our software for generic operating systems, like Unix and Linux. Today, our software runs in over 600 operating system platforms. We think that this is better for the software user. We also think that having to call multiple sources for support when you are not sure if the issues are software or hardware related is frustrating, time consuming and not productive. Our philosophy is one call for all issues. Our customers like this approach.

Our research tells us that the AS400 server will cost your company between $9 and $50K depending on what they determine your needs are. Our competition generally offers their software for about $10K initially, then charge about $3 to $7K per month, continually bumping it up as you become more dependent on their respective systems. They also tend to charge big bucks for every enhancement like B2B and other industry evolutions, as they occur. You might want to discuss these cost issues with their references and review our ASP pricing structure.

RollMaster is now the largest retail software vendor, with several customers operating more than 35 locations, with 200+ users and over $100 million in annual volume. RollMaster offers the floor covering industry’s only currently operating ASP.

RollMaster Wholesale Software has over 700 industry-specific processes. Consider these highlights:

  • Tracking item history by roll number and dye lot
  • Industry-specific widths and units of sale, e.g., 12 foot, 15-foot, 13 foot 2 in.
  • Support for industry financing programs and B2B effort
  • Remote access and Internet connectivity
  • Industry-specific bar coding
  • Industry-specific claims tracking
  • Industry-specific rebate tracking
  • Extensive sales analysis by multiple variables, including customer ID, ship-to address, style, color, manufacturer, vendor, product code, product type, yarn type, sales person, sales-by-date range, job type, customer zip code, territory, job number, invoice number

RollMaster routinely performs data integration and strategic reporting for affinity groups, including Abbey, Floors to Go and Invista (formerly DuPont) on a monthly basis. This functionality will be valuable for your operation as well.

Please investigate and consider these issues and let us know if you conclude that we should be your software development partner. We hope you will agree that we are your best long-term choice.

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