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Software As a Service

Only buy what you need – Only pay for what you use!

Consider software as a service – Do not invest in rapidly depreciating computer hardware.

If you are using traditional flooring software, and own your computers, servers, network and branch communication systems, you should carefully evaluate the cost. When considering these server ownership costs, don’t forget the constant upgrades to “keep PCs’ current with required server upgrades (i.e. Vista & XP compatibility issues).” These costs include the user licenses, the virus software, the spyware, the technician that you pay to service, upgrade and “maintain” your systems, and the third party software you purchase and re-license. Third party software examples are MS SQL, remote desktop, Citrix, frame relay, PCanywhere and the like. Computer power doubles every 18 months — keeping current is a never-ending bad deal. Don’t get caught in their marketing plan, control your destiny! Let us worry about these issues.

Forget Desktop Flooring Software!

Updating your PC’s, one at a time, is a waste of time and money.

Today’s flooring business is challenged with how to work across dispersed environments while staying connected. RollMaster enables you to work seamlessly with your team, from anywhere instantaneously. RollMaster delivers maximum margin control and efficiency at the lowest possible cost, by utilizing open source software and the Internet as the network . Web-based RollMaster software is ready to deliver “on-demand software” to flooring businesses today faster, better and cheaper than any other flooring
industry software developer.

RollMaster is the next generation software that is available today. RollMaster is different — not only in the way we support and deliver, but in the way that RollMaster makes critical information more accessible and useable. You need RollMaster for tomorrow’s knowledgeable workers.

RollMaster delivers critical flooring business applications — at any time, anywhere — on–demand, at the lowest possible cost. RollMaster services can be accessed entirely online, paid for on a low monthly basis; the maintenance and support are included in the low subscription fee. Most importantly, RollMaster delivers a common framework to bring your team together, whether it’s a co-worker in the next office or a partner halfway around the world.

RollMaster Delivers On-Demand Flooring Business Software.

RollMaster On- Demand Software Products

Quick Clicks for Product Details:

B2B Exchange
Flooring Software and B2B functionality that works with any accounting software.

Expanded flooring software, B2B functionality that works with any accounting software.

Disaster Recovery
Remote backup of your data to a server that you can access in the event of an emergency.

RMCloud (formerly NetFloor)
Net-based, full featured flooring software with integrated accounting and payroll.

Net-based Server, on your site – full featured flooring software with integrated accounting and payroll, configured for remote company, branch and support access.

Net-based estimating software & scheduling.

RollMaster – Wholesale
is designed to manage your total floor covering distribution business with emphasis on major asset management, i.e. your inventory, your receivables, your customers and your salesmen.

Bar-Code Software
A must for POS, Inventory and warehouse receipts

Electronic Signature Capture
Capture, save and attach client signatures to contracts.

Document Scanning
Scan plans, takeoffs, job notes and attach them to jobs for historical recall.

You should be able to conduct business from anywhere – RollMaster enables you to take the functionality and power of your software with you!
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