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Web Portal

What is the Web Portal?

RollMaster® Business Solutions–Property Management Web Portal makes it easy for you to connect with your business community over the Internet.

Key Benefits:

  • Connects you with customers, vendors and other partners
  • Provides you with a customized Web browser for business application information and functionality
  • Increases your return on investment

RollMaster Property Management/Builder Web Portal enables your customers, vendors, business partners and employees to directly access relevant business information and conduct business transactions with RollMaster Property Management Web Portal through personalized, role-based Web portals via the Internet. With Web Portal, you can increase the speed of doing business while driving down costs.

Features and More Benefits

RollMaster Property Management Web Portal is an all-in-one solution that gives you real time connectivity across your business. The RollMaster Web Portal can exchange information with all functional areas in the solution such as Products, Work Order, Sales and Marketing and Financials, to help improve your overall business performance.

Get cost-effective connectivity

Streamline business processes and extend the reach of information within your organization and between your property management and builder business partners. Web Portal helps reduce transaction costs and manual paperwork by using the Internet to connect employees and business partners.

It offers anytime, anywhere access to back-o ce information and functionality to those in your business community.Reducing IT maintenance and administration will help you lower your IT costs. The RollMaster Web Portal delivers a familiar RollMaster-based user interface, which simplifies training, thus lowering training costs. The RollMaster Web Portal deploys quickly and allows multiple locations to access data from a single database, which makes it easy and inexpensive to maintain across the organization. Changes made in the database are reflected instantly across the system, to both internal and external users.