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This page will help to answer any questions regarding this website.  There will also be some help with hardware requirements and connectivity issues.

If you want to find out what you need to get RollMaster up and running for the first time check out the Getting Started page. This will have everything you need get your software up and running.

What is the difference between RM Connect and Anzio?
Anzio 12.3r was the original telnet connection software RollMaster used for Unix servers. It provided fast connections on slow internet lines and was perfect for in house use. With the switch to Linux servers and especially Mandriva Corporate Server 4, RollMaster updated Anzio to RM Connect. RM Connect works with all Unix/Linux servers and RMCloud (formerly NetFloor) as well. It provides fast speeds, a better keep alive to prevent network drops, and even SSH. SSH is a secure link to the server that provides even better security.

What do I need to have for RM Graphical?
RM Graphical is available for fee for any current RMCloud (formerly NetFloor) customer. RollMaster customers must have their server checked to see if it has the proper version of Linux installed. Any customer with a Unix server must upgrade to a new RMLinux server to use RM Graphical.

Why are there 3 downloads for RM Graphical?
RM Graphical needs the client GUI software, the MSCharts, and the RM PDF to enable all the new features. The client GUI is the actual software used to connect to the server. MSCharts allows RM Graphical to display charts in color and RM PDF allows RollMaster to have email capabilities.

What are the requirements for Printers in RollMaster?
RollMaster requires printers to have PCL 3, 5, 5e, or 6. Some printers now have what they call PCL enhanced or PCL GUI. These do not work with RollMaster and will be addressed soon. Also as a rule printers under $100.00, photo printers, and inkjet all in ones, DO NOT have PCL.

Need Help Fast?

  • Email support for a quick response. Hardware support emails should be sent to
  • 800-777-4107 is the main number for all support questions.

Please have ready Company name and number. Also have any model numbers that are relevant to the question.

If you are a calling about RollMaster Software:

  • Have version number and type ready; ex 0611.1 Retail.
  • Any error codes or messages.
  • If you can’t connect, try connecting to the internet first.

\Remember: RollMaster provides great support via phone, email, and web. Most support personnel will provide you with their cell phone as well for off hour and emergencies.