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RM Text

RollMaster’s text based software offers low cost fast connections over any available internet connection.

RM Connect:

This is the upgraded version from anzio and offers SSH and better keep alive. A license is required from RollMaster, but offers a 30 trail period to test.

Anzio 12.3r:

The original Unix/Linux server connection is available to anyone who has replaced a computer from an original install.

RM Text Fact 1:
RM Connect offers SSH which is a better encrypted version of telnet. Your server must be setup to accept SSH for RM Connect to work properly. For RMCloud Customer SSH is available.

RM Text Fact 2
RollMaster recommends using RM Connect because of its better keep alive and data connection. Customers who have moved from Anzio 12.3r to RM Connect notice fewer drops and lockups due to internet connection issues.