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Rollmaster Updates

This page contains RollMaster Retail Updates and Instructions:

For all customers on RMCloud (formerly NetFloor) and RollMaster Linux servers, updates are provided to you by RollMaster support. When a new version is release, RollMaster support will contact you to set a time to get the new update. Sometime RollMaster releases interim updates for small fixes or updates. These will be handled by the RollMaster support team as well.

Support Policies

RollMaster Update support is provided to all RMCloud (formerly NetFloor) customers and all RollMaster customers with current software support:

  • Updates require all users to be off the system, and are mostly done at night.
  • Rollmaster requests that all Managers/Owners read the new release notes for the version being released before agreeing to the update.
  • Contact support at 800-777-4107 if there are any questions about the update, before or after you receive it.

Update Fact 1:
As of 05/01/2007 the Retail version of RollMaster is 0611.1. There is an interim update required for RM Graphical which is 0611.2

Update Fact 2:
As of 05/01/2007 the Wholesale version of RollMaster is 0611.1. There is an interim update that will be released on a per customer basis.