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RMMobileSales App

The new RMMobileSales Phone App, from RollMaster Software, is a game changer for the flooring industry. This technology literally lets you carry around all of your relevant business data in your pocket. Owners/Managers can access at-a-glance live business and sales data from anywhere at any time, and Outside Salespeople will have everything they need to know about their customers at their fingertips, right as they are making important sales calls.

Very Mobile Phone Friendly & Browser Based Too

Whether logging in from your mobile phone or from your iPad or laptop, the mobile-friendliness of this application is beyond anything we’ve seen in the industry to date, and likely will be for some time. Imagine harnessing the power of a fully integrated Business Management Software System like RollMaster Software, and accessing that data from your phone. Take a look at the future, available here and now.

Outside Sales Benefits

Impress your clients with how knowledgeable you are with their account without flipping through a stack of paperwork or calling the home office for answers. You’ll know the value of Work In Progress, YTD Sales, Last Year’s Sales, Deposits, A/R Due, and so much more. All the data you can prompt from Customer Status Inquiry is all on your phone!

Plus, you can check stock and quote pricing on products, right from your phone, with full access to your system catalog.

It’s okay to be excited, we are, too! And there’s more…type notes concerning your meeting and who you met with and they’ll automatically feed back into RollMaster, right from your phone!

Additional features include phone dialing and Maps application from Customer Data screen.

Owner/Manager Benefits

All the data that salespeople can access on the screen, owners/managers can also access, plus a lot more. These can all be viewed by mobile phone or via web browser. The Dashboard feature is an at-a-glance look at Sales, Accounting, and Inventory in your RollMaster System, along with Work in Process, see below:

The Pivot Charts then let you drill down into more detail on A/P, A/R, Sales, Inventory, and Open Orders, without logging into RollMaster.

The Inventory feature works the same as for salespeople, allowing you to check pricing and perform stock checks from your mobile phone, iPad, or laptop.

Another great feature is a report that prints the Salesperson User ID along with a Time Stamp and any Notes taken at client appointments to track sales calls. These are definitely the highlights, but more functionality is available and even more is on the way.