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RollMaster Credit Card Integration

RollMaster Teams with ChargeItPro
To Combine Credit Card Posting/Processing
In One Simple Step  

Benefits of the New Integrated Program:
    • Credit Card Vaulting — allows for automatic secure card-on-file storage, so processing customer balances is quick and easy.
    • Eliminate the need for double-entry — swipe the credit card once and the payment transaction is also recorded into RollMaster.
    • No more missing charges — because of the single-step technology, researching missing payments is a thing of the past.
    • Never correct another payment discrepancy — those penny or larger adjustments that are inherent to double-entry systems will free up your accounting staff to focus on other tasks.
    • Stay ahead of the curve — this RollMaster upgrade will help prepare you for evolving EMV and NFC payment methods.
    • Future-proof your investment — hardware options will meet current needs and lay the groundwork for technologies to come, including contactless payment methods, EMV adoption, and more.
    • On your side — your RollMaster support team and our partner are dedicated to your success, providing responsive customer care every step of the way.

EMV and NFC payment methods

We’ve teamed up with ChargeItPro, a leading merchant service provider, to deliver our clients a seamless solution for processing credit card payments.  Now you’re free to focus on your core business — not your payment processing technology!
We’ll are rolling out this new technology now!
If you are interested in this technology,
Click the same link below to let us know and we’ll be in touch.
One Swipe is the Key
To Improving Your Bottom Line