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B2B Flooring INdustry

RollMaster offers B2B Solutions.  Our development sandbox is ideal for your suppliers to develop, test and get involved. Our B2BExchange is compatible with all manufacturers participating in the flooring industry b2b data exchange. 


Our software is under continuous development by our software team. Any demo video is very outdated.

Our Solution is using Go To Meeting to conduct a real-time Internet demo. You will be able to remotely see the latest version of our software as well as discuss issues that relate to your operations with a RollMaster software expert.


Patrick Ferries @ 850-248-2043 or Patrick Pritchett @850-248-2041 for the fastest response. Additionally, voice mail is 800-777-4107, fax is 1-888-277-7969. Or, fill out the form below:

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Selecting a flooring business management software system can be very confusing and time consuming. Our objective in this email is to give you an overview of our products and services, in a quick read format. We understand your objectives and your business flow processes. We are comitted to implementation, training and support. Our objective is to become your long term partner in providing flooring industry-specific management solutions.

A profitable floor covering business effectively manages a very complex set of processes, each playing a major role in the overall performance of the operation. Generic software packages, while providing quick and simple functionality, open the door for loss of margin control due to their objective of being low cost, selling millions of copies and “easy to use.”  The term “easy to use” is synonymous with “limited functionality”.

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Training, Implementation and Support is Everything!

RollMaster is a very specialized flooring business management software package designed to manage all of the complex details. This includes the initial customer proposal through the financial statements. Because control of the details of your flooring business is necessary to increase profitability, understanding the interactivity and relationship of each module is important. Using the entire system is critical; skipping parts for convenience (like you would in QuickBooks, Peachtree, RealWorld and others) eliminates critical data needed for effective decision making. Because of this, we offer an extreme level of Webinar, workshop and on-site training.

When you become a RollMaster client, you get superior flooring business management software, plus you get an implementation team with a plan and world class training and support.