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The Next RollMaster Workshop Event TBA

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The RollMaster Cloud (see:

The RMCloud, (formerly known as NetFloor) is our core system from order entry to accounting. This is our “hosted system”. This means it is Cloud based and you can access it from anywhere. This also means that you do not need a server, backups, updates, etc. The monthly fee covers support, updates, B2B, and hosting. As far as the user is concerned, it’s business as usual. The primary benefits of the RMCloud to flooring businesses are low cost, fast deployment and elasticity. Adding users, additional disk space, adding branch locations and companies are quickly deployable without the need to purchase additional hardware. The RMCloud is a subscription based on need and is very flexible.

E-Docs – (see:

E-Docs is used to attach Documents, Images, and Other Files, to RollMaster Records. E-Docs is multi-faceted—in short, it allows you to attach electronic files to various places in RollMaster. For example, the # 1 use for a property management, retail or contract dealer is to attach a diagram to the template and then print it out with the work order with just a couple of extra clicks.

Wireless Bar-Coding system – (see:

Our wireless bar code system provides real-time wireless Inventory Management. The system Improves inventory control, identify materials at POS, create purchase Orders, receive materials, and enter orders all from the sales or warehouse floor!

Web Portal– (see:

The RollMaster Property Management Web Portal makes it easy for dealers to connect with your business community over the Internet. Key Bene­fits include connecting you with customers, vendors and other partners, providing a customized Web browser for business application information and functionality, the web portal will Increases your customer support ROI by enabling your customers, vendors, business partners and employees to directly access relevant business information and conduct business transactions with RollMaster Property Management Web Portal through personalized, role-based Web portals via the Internet. With Web Portal, you can increase the speed of doing business while driving down costs.

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